Friday, June 30, 2017

Fall Quilt Camp

This is the Fall Quilt Camp Opportunity Quilt.  You can buy tickets for a chance to win this beauty which was pieced by Ruth P and assisted by Lora R. and quilted by Penny. 
Colleen will begin collecting the ten dollar quilt spot reservation fee in July for the fall dates of October 19th to the 22nd (assuming we get the extra day on Thursday) and a fun time is always guaranteed. 
In addition to sewing and gabbing all we want, someone else does almost all the cooking and cleaning up and we can stroll the grounds or hike the mountain too.  Camp is a bit rustic but the food and company are good!  Emmanuel Pines is in Prescott.   
One of our favorite parts of the weekend is on Sunday morning...we hang all of our projects and quilts out and take pictures.  It is always so much fun to see all of the competed work that everyone has worked on all weekend (or all year and just finished at camp)!Cam

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