Wednesday, June 17, 2009

July 7 - Meeting - The P.U.P. Challenge

P.U.P. stands for Poor Unfinished Projects

Bring 3 unfinished projects to our next meeting on July 7th.
At the meeting on the 7th we will have PUP show and tell, where you can
show us your PUP candidates, tell us their age and the issues that have
kept you from finishing them. Your friends and fellow quilters will then pick
one of these projects to be your challenge PUP - an unfinished project for
you to have completed by July 6, 2010.
Participation is voluntary of course, but why not?! This is the time to ----------

* rescue those kits from the closet (you know, the one you bought at
shop hop 2002 and haven't petted since 2003)

* attack the technique (oy vey, inset seams and mitered borders)

* find that fabric (the web mall has grown since you ran short)

* complete that gift promised months (years) ago

Even if you choose not to enter the challenge, your participation is
important. Remember, your vote ensures that your friends are challenged by
their worst P.U.P.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank Goodness for Little Projects

After having spent most of this year quilting and finishing up some big projects. It was nice to sit down and do a small table top quilt from charm squares and a fat quarter in one afternoon. At least, the piecing of it. The quilting will be left for another day. If you haven't given yourself the gift of a small quick project in a while, summer is the perfect time. After all, good things come in small packages!
Leave a comment and tell us what you have decided to do. There is so much to choose from: wall hangings, table runners, bags, and more!