Monday, July 31, 2017

Virtual Show and Tell

Berta had to get this quilt off to Tennessee for a baby shower so we are having a virtual Show and Tell for it!  What a beauty!

Feel free to send me your virtual show and tells and I will share them for others to see!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Block Lotto Birdies and BOM Ideas

I really fell in love with this sweet bird quilt made by one of our members!  She shared that the pattern is free from Block Lotto if you feel the need to make it too!

That reminds me Crystal mentioned we will be doing a Block of the Month again (every other month) where we get a pattern, make a block and then draw someone to take home all of the blocks.  If you have any ideas for blocks (this one would be great Crystal, hint hint!) share them with Crystal or Bev. 

Preview of Upcoming Meetings

Here are the upcoming meetings. You do not want to miss them!

August 1st- PUPS. hosted by Kathy Kreig. If the NT family gave you a PUP goal to finish during the 2016-2017 year, and you were diligent enough to finish it, bring it to the meeting. We want to celebrate your accomplishment with you!
   Also consider bringing 3 PUPS (Poor Unfinished Projects) to the meeting. You will be given a chance to show the 3 options to the group, and they will vote which PUP they want you to finish in 2017-2018.  This is lots of fun. So dig in those bins and  search the backs of those cupboards for things you just want to get done!

August 15- Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful will be our guest. Simply Modern Quilting Magazine has one of their gorgeous designs on the cover of  their newest edition. But I'm sure you have seen those cute pumpkins and pineapples- they are everywhere! Don't fear the curve- come and be inspired!

September 5- Carrie Bloomston- This gifted artist designs patterns and fabric for Windham. Remember those cute paintbrushes with collaged words? Her newest line is called Dreamer. She has also written a book called The Little Spark about encouraging creativity. She  is a terrific, motivating speaker-don't miss it!

September 19th- QUILTO. Hosted by Kathy O'Brien.  Like BINGO, but more fun because you can win great quilting supplies. 

Invite a friend and see you Tuesday with your PUPs!   

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Showing and Sharing and Name Tags--Make a New One!

 Some of our fabulous Show and Tell from the last meeting! 

JoAnn presented a beautiful quilt to Colleen called "Pam's Lights" to honor her late friend and use some of her friend Pam's stash up.  So sweet!

Our new president, Crystal shared her new name tag with us and challenged us to make a new name tag to bring and wear at our next meeting--the first meeting in August.  We will pull a name of participants and someone will win a fat quarter bundle!  We love it when our members wear name tags so we can learn everyone's names!

When I went to the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild, I helped create a Pinterest board of name tag ideas which you can find here if you want to save time in the searching for ideas (if you are like me and do not come up with your own!).  There is a really nice tutorial over at Pile 'o Fabric for making a lanyard name tag which is the one I wound up making way back when, I love her southwestern design, but you could use any design and the tutorial for the lanyard part if you are interested in that.

If you have items to donate to Stash to Treasure for this Spring, Debbie will collect them anytime. 

Thank you Stephanie and Colleen for refreshments this meeting.  We do need more volunteers to sign up to bring refreshments, see Kathy and her book at the refreshment table to sign up anytime!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PUPS Challenge Coming Right Up!

Do you have a long list of PUPS (Poor Unfinished Projects for any of you newbies out there) that you have been neglecting.  Maybe, like some of us you joined the All People Quilt 2017 UFO Challenge and are ticking them off your list!  If not, here is a little challenge that will help you get one of those puppies off your list!

Our next meeting bring three of your PUPS in to share with the guild.  It does not matter if it is in the I only have the fabric and the pattern stage, the quilting stage or anywhere in between.  I can tell you that after you tell us about your three PUPs the guild will vote and decide which one they are challenging you to finish by next year!  And they are not going to pick the one you just need to add a label to!  This meeting is super fun as we get to know you, your projects and what you have been neglecting to sew lately (or maybe not so lately). 

Those who met the challenge from last year will be sharing their completed projects too (and ticking them off their lists!).

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tuesday Meeting--Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks

Our next meeting we will have Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks as our guest.

Jackie Kunkel, owner of Canton Village Quilt Works and Judy Niemeyer Certified Teacher, travels around the country lecturing, teaching workshops and doing trunk shows all year.  She will be treating us to her "Splash of Color: A Rainbow of Black and White Quilts"   The website says we will get treated to a beautiful trunk show of all the quilts and the alternate quilts from Jackie's first book!
She will discuss how to combine black and white fabrics with bold and bright colors.  Also, she will discuss the design process behind the quilts and take you on a wonderful journey with each quilt. Book signings follow the lecture.  You will also have the opportunity to purchase books and patterns.