Sunday, October 28, 2018

Events through the rest of the year:

November 6th - NO regular meeting

Our meeting location is also used for voting and we are unable to have a regular meeting.
We had discussed meeting at Bernina Connection and they were putting together a presentation for us on thread and needles but at the last meeting only a handful of members indicated they would go so we have cancelled that program and will ask them to come next year.

Our president has arranged a social sew in at the Chandler Police Station Community Room from 5-9:30.  So go and vote and then join up for some talking and time working on projects.

November 20th - EQ7

We have an exciting program from an AQG traveling teacher, Joanne Rice, about EQ7.  This is a software program that allows you to design quilts before cutting the fabric.  It came highly recommended from several members.

December 4th - Holiday party

There are no scheduled meetings for December.  Our holiday party is at Mary's house and she has planned a wonderful night with a vocal concert by a group that brings holiday joy.  There is a $5.00 charge and appetizers and dessert are provided.   Reach out to Jo to reserve your spot.

In addition, we will continue to collect our items for My Sister's Place. Any paper products - paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and even diapers. This is a domestic violence shelter for women in Chandler. They have 14 rooms and house up to 14 women and their children at any time.  Each family only stays 4 months and they get help locating a new place to live.

Other charity news

Joanne had created wonderful boxes for a non-profit that helps homeless with medical, locating jobs, and even finding placed to live.  These boxes provided a start up kit for someone moving into a new location including a plate, silverware, cup, towel, toilet items, and more. These were a big hit and I would like to create more from the donations I have been getting from everyone.  Please let me know if you have access to paper boxes that we could use to create these start up kits - Debbie
Quilts of Valor

Our wonderful group has donated 4 quilts to Quilts of Valor.  This group gives quilts to nominated individuals who have been effected by war.  I am attaching a picture from one of the awards ceremonies.

One of the recipients wrote:

I would like to extend a very grateful thanks to the people of the Nimble Thimbles for their time and effort in making this quilt. I am very honored to have been selected to receive this gift. I will respect it and use it.

The feeling I had at the time of presentation was one of humility and appreciation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Small Quilt Auction on October 16th

This meeting will be our annual small quilt auction.  This gives you a head start of buying some wonderful items for friends or even yourself. We will have small quilts, bags, wall hangings, table runners and on.  Donations are still being accepted for the auction.

Bring your checkbook.  Bring your friends.

The meeting will NOT have charity or show and tell so we have time for the auction.

Block of the month - October

The block of the month for October is the Pumpkin.  This pattern takes a lot of small blocks in different orange patterns.  If you don't have enough variety, bring your blocks to the next meeting and exchange with friends.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Last meeting - 9/18

Thank you to everyone that participated in our 'Favorite Things' meeting.  We had some great sharing and we all learned about some new things to try and some new places to go.  Our president took notes and will be sending out a listing of items.

Next meeting - 10/2

Our next meeting will feature Ray from Three Dudes.  This is a speaker requested by many members so look forward to a great night.

The block of the month is due.  For October it was Build a Building - either the house or the barn.
Crystal will be challenging for the next month.  Let her know if there is a special one you want to make sure we all do.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Last meeting on 9/4

Gary Rait gave a very informative speech on treadle sewing machines.  He does a wonderful job of restoring.  His information:  602-723-4182 or

Next meeting on 9/18

Let's discuss our favorite things.
Our next meeting will be a social time where everyone will get to discuss their favorite things.
Do you have a favorite tool?  Bring it to show.
Do you have a favorite blog or designer you follow?  Tell us about it.
Do you have a favorite store or quilt show you go to?  We want to go also.

We have purchased some of our favorite things and will give everyone a chance to try them and them we will raffle off as door prizes.

We are also hoping to have some great demonstrations.  Come and enjoy your fellow quilters.

Block of the month

You are all so talented and we love seeing your blocks.
The challenge block for next month is Build a Building - Make either the Barn or the House or both.

Small quilt auction

Start your projects.  The small quilt project is Oct 16th.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Last meeting on 8/21 - Madonna from Mad B's

Madonna from Mad B's was a wonder guest speaker and gave us lots of tips on pressing.
There were many in the group who will admit we love the hissing sound when our steam irons heat up the water puddles on our quilts to get out the wrinkles.

Her big advice was to stop drowning your fabric with water and pushing it out of shape. Do not use steam and to even not put water in your iron. Lightly spray and use your hand to get the water into the fabric and let the wrinkle disappear.

Next meeting on 9/4 

Treadle sewing machines-Gary Rait will give us history on the treadle sewing machines and show how he restores machines to working order. He is a wonderful craftsman.

Block of the month - Bring your newest BOM of the canning jars from the Vintage Farm Girls book.

Next meeting on 9/18

For this meeting we will take a break from guest speakers and learn from each other.
Bring your favorite:
  • Tool
  • Fabric
  • Tip
  • Fabric store
  • Quilt show
  • Blog
We want to learn from each other.  We will have some demos and give everyone an opportunity to play with some favorite items that will be used for door prizes.

Update on Charity

Hello everyone. We wanted to give you an update on our Community Service efforts. Since July, we have donated 107 quilts. Here is the breakdown:

  • 30 twin size quilts to I-HELP. To read more about I-HELP, please see this article written by Ellen O’Brien, Kathy’s daughter: If you would like to read the press release we are coordinating with I-HELP, it is attached.
  • 8 twin size quilts to Gathering Humanity. Penny was approached by Gathering Humanity about twin size quilts specifically for refugee children. Gathering Humanity is a local non-profit organization that helps resettlement agencies set up apartments for refugees. The resettlement agencies have many federal laws they have to meet when setting up an apartment, and one of those requirements is that each child have a bed and bedding. Gathering Humanity is always in need of twin size quilts and comforters for refugee children. Since we had an excess of twin size quilts, over and above the 30 we planned for I-HELP, we gave eight to Gathering Humanity. You can read more about Gathering Humanity here:
  • 54 to the Phoenix Women’s Veterans Program. These 54 quilts are all baby quilts that will be included in baskets given to veteran moms. The program is housed at the VA Hospital in North Phoenix, but the baskets are provided to all veteran moms in the system. Thank you Joann Reiter for contributing the majority of these quilts!
  • 19 quilts, including two twin size quilts, to Southwest Network. This is the organization that Debbie Ament’s daughter, Jessica, introduced to us at the last meeting. Jessica is open to additional donations as well – dishes, pots, pans, sheets, household items and interview clothing (especially for men). You can read more about Southwest Network here: If you have items to donate, you can bring them to any meeting and Debbie will get them to her daughter.
  • 4 quilts to Quilts of Valor. We will continue to look through our incoming quilts to find those that meet the parameters of Quilts of Valor. If you would like to piece a top specifically for Quilts of Valor, let us know. Debbie has supplied us with labels for Quilts of Valor, and Community Service can supply batting and backing.

Our Community Service sew-in on July 30 brought 17 of us together to create kits ready to be quilted. We had the tops… we just needed batting and backing pieced and kitted. Leslie Schneider and Debbie took oodles of kits home and have been working their way through quilting and binding them. We so appreciate all the work you ladies do… and that goes for everyone else who contributes to our Community Service efforts.

In the next couple of months, we will be reworking some of our piecing kits to give you fresh opportunities for making Community Service quilts. If you have suggestions for new patterns, please let us know.