Saturday, August 19, 2017

Charity Sew-In

Sunday August 26th is our next Charity Sew-In at the Chandler Police Station.  Bring your machine and sewing supplies and join us as we whip up some quilts for charity.  Come and go as you like 8 AM to 8 PM.  The A/C works great so we will be cool while we stitch. 
We do this the last Sunday of every month if this month does not work for you.  Hope to see you there!

We are still hoping to get to know each of our members better!  If you too want to be a member spotlight, please copy and paste these questions and answers to me along with some pictures!  It is SEW much fun getting to know you!
Member Spotlight–
Info about you:

Q:  When did you start quilting?

Q:  What would you tell a newbie that you wish you had known when you started?

Q:  What kind of a quilter are you?

Q:  What’s your favorite sewing/quilting tip?

Q:  Do you have a favorite quilt block, pattern or designer?

Q:  Do you have a favorite notion or tool you can’t quilt without?

Q:  Do you quilt your own quilts?

Q:  What’s your favorite part of the quilting process?

Q:  What part of the quilting process do you dislike or struggle with?

Q:  Do you design your own quilts?

Q:  What inspires you to create?

Q:  Do you do any other crafts? Which ones?

Q:  How many quilts have you made?

Q:  What are you working on now?

Q:  What do you wish you knew how to do (quilt related) and hope to learn?

Q:  Do you have quilt related business that you want to share with us?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PUPS 2016-2017 was a Hit!

Linda completed her pineapple PUP!
Merci completed her Dotty Elephant PUP!
Charlotte completed her Blue Teapot PUP!

 Stephanie completed her BirdsPUP!
Michelle completed her Textures PUP!
Cheryl  completed her Fifty Shades of Beige PUP!
Debbie completed her Thangles and Hokey Pokey PUPs from two different years!

Connie completed her Flowered Star PUP!
Berta completed her Blue Star PUP!
Kathy K. did another great job of hosting our biggest PUP night ever.  NINE people had completed PUPS (our most ever) and TWENTY-TWO people took the challenge to complete the PUP we voted on for this coming year.  If you missed it, bring your three PUPs to our next meeting and during show and tell we will pick one for you do complete in the next year. 
Winners of the drawing of this past year's completed PUPs were Merci, Charlotte and Debbie!
Participants this coming year are Debbie, Connie, Phil, Crystal, Penny, Darla, Laura, Berta, Lori Stephanie, Yolanda, Terri (new gal!), Cheryl B., Michelle, Bev, Angela, Phyllis, Karen, Linda, Merci, Charlotte, and Leslie so far!
There was much laughter and love as we chose PUPs for each other and I really look forward to seeing all the completed PUPs at next year's meeting! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Here's What You Missed!

If you missed our last meeting you missed a fun one!  Here is what you missed!  Crystal challenged us to make a new name tag for a chance to win a drawing.  She made one to show us two meetings ago...a few people rose to the challenge and made these beauties!

 Crystal is giving us one more meeting to get in on the drawing if you want to make a new name tag to show off.  We had a great show and tell and a fabulous PUP completion show and tell with pictures shared on the facebook page here.  If you have not been there, check it out.  We love to see what you are working on and ooh and aah over your quilts, sewing or other crafts! 
You may remember the cute birdie quilt with the free pattern online from a few posts ago.  Bev got right on it and made some blocks.  She is planning on putting it in the small quilt auction on October 3rd. I hope no one wants it but me since I have not started making any birds yet!  I hope you are making something for our annual fundraiser too.  Invite your friends to come October 3rd--Crystal says it is a great way to shop for Christmas!

 Speaking of getting right on it Leslie got right on Jackie Kunkel's "Scattered" which we just saw a meeting ago, and it looks great!
 Penny finished up her puppy from the Laura Heine class too. These wall hangings are works of art, I love each one more than the last!

Our programs gals helped us celebrate the August birthdays (mine is today and I took home that purple cupcake in the front!) and are keeping us informed on what they have coming up.  Coming soon we will be doing a block lotto type activity.  One month the pattern is given out, the following month we turn in however many blocks we want to make and get a raffle ticked for each one.  Someone is pulled from the tickets and goes home with a set of blocks.  Another pattern will be given and then we do it again the following month!
 Check it out! 
August 15- Helen Robinson for Sew Kind of Wonderful will be our guest. Simply Modern Quilting Magazine has one of their gorgeous designs on the cover of  their newest edition. But I'm sure you have seen those cute pumpkins and pineapples- they are everywhere! Don't fear the curve- come and be inspired!

September 5- Carrie Bloomston- This gifted artist designs patterns and fabric for Windham. Remember those cute paintbrushes with collaged words? Her newest line is called Dreamer. She has also written a book called The Little Spark about encouraging creativity. She  is a terrific, motivating speaker-don't miss it!

September 19th- QUILTO. Hosted by Kathy O'Brien.  Like BINGO, but more fun because you can win great quilting supplies. 
October 3-Small quilt auction

 Crystal presented Debbie (her sister and our past president) with this lovely Scrappy Hexies quilt which many members contributed blocks to.  Penny quilted it and it is a stunner!
 At our break it was much admired!
 My favorite block in the label on the back!  Debbie loves to quilt with brights and so did our members so that we could thank her for a great year as our president!
 We shared memories of our gone too soon member Gudrun at our meeting too.  She was always a friendly welcoming face and will be missed by us all.  She was also prolific in our charity quilt making and worked on charity quilts each month.  Penny has challenged us all to do just one small thing more for charity than we have in the past in Gudrun's honor.  I hope we all rise to that challenge.  I borrowed her picture from her facebook, I know I will never forget her smiling face or sweet personality. 
Then there were the pups....coming next post!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Helen Robinson--Sew Kind of Wonderful

Pictures borrowed from Sew Kind of Wonderful

Sew Kind of Wonderful says that "Helen began quilting in 1997 and fell in love with the entire process of design, fabric shopping, piecing and quilting" so three years ago she started working with her sister Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful.  The two of them create "fresh new contemporary quilts using the Quick Curve Ruler." They have over 40 patterns that use this ruler and two books that feature designs that use the ruler.

Check out the tutorial over on the blog to see how this ruler makes things easier for us quilters.  I love this Chic Country design!

She has a beautiful quilt on the Simply Moderne magazine cover too!
Come on out to our Tuesday meeting on August 15th to hear Helen Robinson talk about her work and see how the Sew Kind of Wonderful rulers work!  We hope to see you there!