Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last Night's Meeting Fun!

 Here are some of the many charity quilts shared at last night's meeting.  A special thank you went out to Gudrun for having a hand in making over 45 quilts this year and to Leslie for making over 100 bags!  Great job ladies!  A few other folks got prizes from the drawing for their participation as well.  Penny announced that over fifty percent of the members are participating in our charity work one way or another.  Join in, it is fun!
Our president Debbie also passed her presidency and gavel to her sister Crystal who is our new president.  Out thanks go out to Debbie for a job well done.  We do appreciate all of your hard work this year to make our guild what it is!  Debbie reminded us that "it takes all of us" to make this guild work so thanks to all of you have helped in anyway this past fiscal year!  If anyone wants to step up to be our new vice president, Crystal is in need of one--let us know!
Our ice cream social could not have been on a better hot Arizona night!  There was every kind of ice cream including gluten free!  Lots of toppings and we managed to eat it before it melted.  Thank you to everyone who brought stuff and for those who scooped too!

 For our meeting we shared the oldest quilts we had or ones we had a hand in.  Here are some of the more antique ones we saw. 

Remember our next date falls on the fourth of July so NO MEETING on the holiday.  See you July 18th for Jackie Kunkel's "Splash of Color" trunk show.  Bring your ten dollars if you want to reserve your fall spot for quilt camp with Colleen.

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