Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Buttons! Upcoming AQG Events!

I have learned how to add buttons to this blog! A little bit more complicated than adding buttons to a quilt but still, I just had to follow directions. :) You will notice to the right a "Home" button and a "AQG Newsletter" button. If you click on the "Home" button it won't do anything unless you've moved to a sub page and it will take you back to the main page. If you click on the "AQG Newsletter" button, it will bring up the most current version of the AQG newsletter.

The AQG Fall Meeting will be on October 11 at ASU West. You must pre-register and there is a fee because you will be getting lunch. Information is available in the AQG Newsletter.

The 2009 AQG Quilt Show will be March 13 and 14 at the Mesa Convention Center. Mark your calendars now.

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