Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PUPS Challenge Coming Right Up!

Do you have a long list of PUPS (Poor Unfinished Projects for any of you newbies out there) that you have been neglecting.  Maybe, like some of us you joined the All People Quilt 2017 UFO Challenge and are ticking them off your list!  If not, here is a little challenge that will help you get one of those puppies off your list!

Our next meeting bring three of your PUPS in to share with the guild.  It does not matter if it is in the I only have the fabric and the pattern stage, the quilting stage or anywhere in between.  I can tell you that after you tell us about your three PUPs the guild will vote and decide which one they are challenging you to finish by next year!  And they are not going to pick the one you just need to add a label to!  This meeting is super fun as we get to know you, your projects and what you have been neglecting to sew lately (or maybe not so lately). 

Those who met the challenge from last year will be sharing their completed projects too (and ticking them off their lists!).

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