Friday, May 21, 2010

Count down for P.U.P. Projects : aka Poor Unfinished Projects

Where has the past year gone? Time is quickly approaching for the reveal of our P.U.P. projects at the July 6 meeting. You still have 6+ weeks to complete your project and hopefully you haven't waited to the last minute. If you have, then get busy because for those that have finished will be entered into a prize drawing. Please bring your P.U.P. to the meeting in whatever stage it is in on the July 6 meeting for all to enjoy. Get stitchin!!!!

If you want to participate in the P.U.P. project for next year, then start digging in your sewing room and on July 6 bring in 3 options of unfinished projects and the fun begins when the members vote on which project you will be working on for the next year.

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