Monday, March 17, 2008

Report from AQG Quilt Show

I ran into several Nimble Thimbles members at the quilt show. Here is a picture of Shirley and her grandson (age 11) next to the beautiful quilt he made and entered into the show. He also had several other very nice quilts in the youth section of the show.

My mother and I attend Darlene's presentation on crazy quilts and enjoyed it very much!

We also met a fabric designer for Andover in the taco salad line at lunch. Her name is Renee Nanneman. She has designed the Purley Provence line. Check out the Need'l Love website to learn more about her.
Congratulations to everyone who had quilts in the show, they were all wonderful. Shirely Hughes won a ribbon for Medium Mixed Technique - Machine Quilted. Evelyn Link won a ribbon for Small Mixed Technique - Machine Quilted. Carol Rich won 1st place for Small Any Technique - Hand Quilted. Cynthia Huettner won a second place ribbon for Theme Quilt. Diane Pitchford won a ribbon for an Art Quilt. If I left any Nimble Thimbles out, let me know and I'll add them in.


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