Saturday, January 26, 2008

Celebrating the Return of my Scissors

I can remember my mother yelling out "Where are my scissors?". It seems that I have inherited the same trait. My good sewing scissors disappeared around November. My daughter was using them in her room but then could not find them despite looking several times. I couldn't go in there and do a through search because she had Christmas presents hidden in various places. So, I waited using a very old pair of not very sharp scissors that I have had since 8th grade Home Economics class! I was tempted to buy a new pair but told myself not to because they would reappear. My daughter was cleaning her room last night and moved a small piece of furniture and found my scissors underneath. Hooray! Now, if I can just find my second pair of good paper scissors, you understand why I have two pairs. :)

Share your scissor stories or stories of what tends to go "missing" in your house by clicking on the comment button below.


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