Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PUPS 2016-2017 was a Hit!

Linda completed her pineapple PUP!
Merci completed her Dotty Elephant PUP!
Charlotte completed her Blue Teapot PUP!

 Stephanie completed her BirdsPUP!
Michelle completed her Textures PUP!
Cheryl  completed her Fifty Shades of Beige PUP!
Debbie completed her Thangles and Hokey Pokey PUPs from two different years!

Connie completed her Flowered Star PUP!
Berta completed her Blue Star PUP!
Kathy K. did another great job of hosting our biggest PUP night ever.  NINE people had completed PUPS (our most ever) and TWENTY-TWO people took the challenge to complete the PUP we voted on for this coming year.  If you missed it, bring your three PUPs to our next meeting and during show and tell we will pick one for you do complete in the next year. 
Winners of the drawing of this past year's completed PUPs were Merci, Charlotte and Debbie!
Participants this coming year are Debbie, Connie, Phil, Crystal, Penny, Darla, Laura, Berta, Lori Stephanie, Yolanda, Terri (new gal!), Cheryl B., Michelle, Bev, Angela, Phyllis, Karen, Linda, Merci, Charlotte, and Leslie so far!
There was much laughter and love as we chose PUPs for each other and I really look forward to seeing all the completed PUPs at next year's meeting! 

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