Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Upcoming Meeting Information

June 20th Meeting - Ice Cream Social

The program coordinators would like to end our fiscal year with an ice cream social.  The ice cream is being donated.  If you are willing to donate topping for ice cream - please let the Refreshments Coordinator know.
edit* bring the oldest quilt/crafty thing you made yourself

July 4th - Meeting Cancelled
This meeting has been cancelled due to the holiday.

August 1st - PUP Meeting
PUP stands for Poor Unfinished Project.  If you participated last year, this is your deadline to bring your fully finished project.
At this meeting, we will ask those who want to participate for next year to bring 3 PUP's and the group will vote on which one should be your project for next year.  This is usually a lot of fun.

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