Monday, April 17, 2017

Neck Cooler Wraps

Thank you to everyone that is bringing in the neck coolers for the Aris Foundation.  We will be bringing more crystals to the next meeting.  If you want to purchase your own, you can get them in the gardening section.

Below is a pattern from Kathy O'Brien that she is using.
Carol Dimpsey has supplies a link to another pattern: 

Neck Coolers using Water Crystals
          For the Inside portion of the neck cooler:
·       Cut muslin or other lightweight fabric 5 inches x 18 ½ inches
·       Double over muslin. Sew sides and bottom. Divide as shown above, leaving the top open. 
·       Using a funnel, fill the four 4.5 inch Pockets with 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of the Water Crystals. Experiment with the first one, and then do an assembly line for future neck coolers.
·       Fold over top and sew closed securely.
For the Body of the Neck Cooler:
·       Cut Cotton outside fabric 5 inches x width of fabric (42 inches)
·       Double over cotton fabric, right sides together.
·       Leaving an 18 inch opening in the center top, sew to either side, narrowing to a point.
·       Trim excess fabric in the point areas. Turn. Iron.
·       Iron the top 18 inch opening, so that the quarter inch seam allowance is set.
·       Insert the muslin filled with the water crystals.
·       Sew along either side of the muslin lining to secure it in the cotton neck cooler.
·       Sew along the top 18 inch edge, catching muslin layer in the ironed seam.  Finish the seam along the entire length of the neck cooler.  

18 inch opening

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