Friday, June 20, 2014


Our meeting on Tuesday, July 1 is our annual PUP (Poor Unfinished Project) Challenge.  This event is twofold.  First, if you participated in the PUP Challenge last year, it is time to bring in your finished PUP and reveal for all to see!  Second, if you want to participate in the new 2014 PUP Challenge - bring in 3 PUPs that you want to finish within the next year.  The PUPs can be a kit, fabric and pattern, or similar, but nothing that needs mere touches to finish.  

Be forewarned -- only bring in the 3 you really want to finish as the group will vote on the one for you to complete!  Join us for a fun, interactive evening and bring your finished PUP and 3 PUPs for next year!

There is a meeting scheduled on Tuesday, July 15.  The program is to be decided.

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